Invoicing & Discounts

For self-employed, companies, communities, sports clubs or any other person wishing to take advantage of this offer.

This offer allows, by buying 24 tokens ( 24 cycles of 8 Kg washing machines ), to receive 2 free tokens ( 26 tokens delivered ). These tokens are also used to operate large washing machines.

You can also use the dryers or the cyberkiosk with the tokens. The payment machine will make the change.

Quick and easy procedure:

1. You send us a fax or an email ( click here ) including :
  • the invoicing information
  • the delivery address
  • the person of contact with his mobile number or landline phone
  • your email address or fax number

2. We send you a pro forma invoice :

  • you make a bank transfer on Washbix bank account.

3. Tokens delivery :

  • upon receipt of your payment, we'll deliver your tokens and invoice.